Adapting to the new situation and so that you can train where and when you want, without the need for commuting or schedules, I have created the virtual personal training modality that offers you 3 options:


You only need to have a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer and an internet connection. I will create exercise routines that you will do and I will be directing and correcting. The methodology is exactly the same as in face-to-face personal training but through a screen. We will use the sports material you have or we will adapt it using elements that you have at home. This way we will be able to train with the same efficiency as going to the gym.


If you do not have a fixed schedule or do not have a connection to do the live training, this is your alternative. I will prepare a video in which I explain the exercises and how to do them, as well as the series to do with their repetitions and breaks. They will always be personalized sessions according to your goals, your physical condition and even your available time. You will carry out the session when it best suits you, and even repeat the routine, always following the recommendations of your coach.


If you already have the motivation to train on your own and you know the technique to perform the exercises correctly and effectively but you need a guide to perform your routines, this is the right modality. I will create custom charts so you can continue to progress towards your goals. The lack of resources in exercises or the concern to create a schedule is not a reason to abandon the practice. I’ll do it for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
It is a very economic modality and you will always have your tables available for you to do when you want.

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