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If you want to achieve your fitness goals but you are tired of trying and giving up…

¡REBOOT MADRID is what you need!

Let’s workout together

About me

I’m Juan Manuel Angel, I’ve been involved in sports for almost 20 years, as a skater in the styles of route and Downhill, and currently as a personal trainer and skating instructor.

Training options

The fitness world today offers a wide range of options for your training possibilities. At REBOOT we can customize your favorite workouts: Suspension training TRX, High Intensity HIIT, Boxing, running, skating and more.

Want to talk about your fitness?

If you would like to know more about REBOOT, about me, or how we can help you improve fitness and well-being, let’s talk as soon as possible.

What if you just get up and try?

Reboot Madrid

You can choose where, when and how to train


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